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non-invasive   No needles   no downtime

Powerful skin rejuvenation
without the use of needles!

If you're looking for Morpheus 8, but do not want the needles, and cannot afford to have any downtime, then this treatment is for you. Dermatrix Duo No Needles Fractional RF is the latest generation of fractional RF systems developed for skin resurfacing, scar treatment, wrinkle reduction & skin tightening. This treatment is suitable for all skin types - even pigmented skin! No Needles Fractional RF The Needle Free Fractional RF Treatment utilises fractional radio frequency - this is NOT a laser treatment. The RF energy is delivered to the skin resulting in deep volumetric dermal heating and the ultimate result.

• Acne Scarring
• Skin tightening - face & body
• Wrinkle reduction
• Skin resurfacing
• Pore reduction
• Stretch mark reduction
• Cellulite reduction
• Surgical scar reduction
• Minimise pigmentation

How does No Needles Fractional RF work?

No Needles Fractional RF is a safe and effective alternative to surgical and other invasive options. Skin rejuvenation is achieved through collagen regeneration and tissue reconstruction - the epidermis will be kept away from damage. Compared with traditional RF and fractional laser, No Needles Fractional RF offers deeper tissue effect, rapid treatment time, and short recovery period, which significantly reduces the risk of hyperpigmentation and inflammation.

During the treatment, a dot matrix tip transfers high frequency RF energy to the skin, without the use of needles, to achieve the effects of reducing fine lines, shrinking pores, tightening the skin and repairing scarring and more!
Some patients prefer to have their skin numbed with topical anaesthetic cream prior to treatment, however this is not necessary.
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Maximum effect minimum downtime
Suitable for all skin types.

No Needles Fractional RF is a safe treatment with minimal complication risk as the skin is not penetrated with needles. You may be slightly pink post-treatment, however you may resume normal activities after your treatment. No Needles Fractional RF is a THERMAL THERAPY, rather than a laser therapy, which is suitable for all skin types.


Clinically proven results

Why patients love
No Needles Fractional RF treatment?

Patients around the world are excited to see their results from their No Needles Fractional RF treatment.  Obvious improvement may be seen immediately after just one treatment - and results are cumulative.  

Dermatrix Duo is a TGA registered,  class IIb medical device, ARTG 405991.  The latest generation of fractional RF System which combines micro-needle and needle-free fractional RF technology for skin resurfacing, scar reduction treatment, fine line reduction, skin tightening, stretch marks, cellulite reduction and more. 

After your treatment:

Your specialist will provide you with details on recommended post-treatment care.

Following your treatment, you will have appropriate skin care applied and then 12 hours post treatment you will be required to apply recommended skin care.

Immediately post treatment you may experience a slight pink colour of the skin, and a sense of warmth in the treated area. This may last a few hours.

When washing the treated area, ensure not to be abrasive or use any products with active ingredients. A minority of patients may experience light "crusting" post treatment.

When drying the area, dab gently with a towel to ensure you do not rub off any crusting as this needs to fall off naturally.

Repeat this until all crusting has fallen off naturally and redness has disappeared while continuing with an SPF 50+.

Mineral foundation may be applied post treatment.

Up to a week post-treatment, skin may be tender, but will feel smoother and more elastic. Fine lines will be reduced, and rough or enlarged pores/freckles will be less visible.

Within 2-4 weeks post-treatment, deeper lines and serious acne scare are gradually improved and skin texture improvements become more obvious.

Following the recommendations of your treating specialist is paramount to the success of your treatment.


Daily care post treatment.

If you do experience any redness or minor swelling of the skin after the treatment, this is a normal phenomenon. In this case, it is advised to apply the active peptide repair serum provided by your specialist.  If swelling does occur after the treatment, this usually fades away in three to four hours.  You may apply ice packs post-treatment.

Dermatrix Duo treatment of inflammatory acne can lead to temporary edema and pore blockage, temporary inflammation.  After the treatment apply nutrient replenishment recommended by your specialist,  and sun protection (SPF30+) to the skin.

Do not apply abrasive cleansing creams or exfoliating creams before the treatment.

Avoid excessive drinking of alcohol, use of facial vaporizers and strenuous activities after treatment to avoid any possible inflammation caused by sweating which delays the recovery of the swelling.

After the treatment avoid direct sun exposure, use sun protection daily.

Number of treatments required.

You should see an improvement immediately post treatment.  This continues to improve over time.Number of treatments varies from patient to patient, however, as a guide you may need a course of 4-6 treatments.Results vary dependent on age, state of skin at commencement of treatment, health, diet, skin care.

This varies from patient to patient, however most patients required 4-6 treatments with 3-4 week intervals. Best results are seen 3-6 months post treatment. Specific interval between treatments depends on individual patient response to the treatment.



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