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Defy the signs of ageing with this relaxing, collagen stimulating non-invasive treatment. Sometimes called the Red Carpet Facelift, due to it’s popularity with Hollywood’s stars prior to a big event!

skinTIGHT will help to give you fuller and plumper skin without any downtime or surgery.  If you’re concerned about  the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, then it will help to refine those too. It’s also an effective preventative treatment for skin beginning to show signs of ageing or skin laxity.

During your treatment, your skin will be heated to over 40 degrees which causes the retraction of tissue - the heat generated will immediately firm and tighten the skin. Plus the production of new collagen - as the dermis is heated, collagen fibres are stimulated, giving that firm effect. And enhanced circulation - blood flow is improved resulting in the overall rejuvenation of the skin. 

skinTIGHT helps to: 

  • Reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Improve skin tone and texture 
  • Increase elastin and collagen production.          

Our range of treatments includes: 

    • Full Face
    • Full Face & Neck 
    • Neck 
    • Forehead & Brow Lift
    • Cheek Lift
    • Upper Face Lift
    • Lower Face Lift
    • Double Chin Reduction
    • Jowl Reduction & Jawline Sculpting



Which treatment is right for me? SkinTIGHT or HIFU?

Ageing is a process we all have to go through - unfortunately we can’t stop it, but we can reverse the signs of ageing, and we can slow it down.

From our mid-20's, our body’s collagen production begins to slow down. In fact, collagen levels can drop by up to 2% every year.

Lifestyle and genetics are two of the main factors that determine how drastically collagen levels drop. Skin becomes lax, wrinkles form, and the skin doesn't have that plump, radiant glow that it had in younger years. Collagen loss increases and ageing progresses for the remainder of life.

However, here at The Rejuv Lab, you have a selection of safe and extremely effective treatments that help you achieve more youthful, firm, and tightened skin!

Two of our most popular treatments can help to turn back the clock, and aid in slowing the ageing process.

HIFU (High Intensity Infrared Ultrasound) and skinTIGHT (Radio Frequency) are non-surgical, non-invasive skin tightening treatments that heat up the skin to induce a collagen remodelling response in its deep layers. Although they both tighten the skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles, they use different technologies to do so. Therefore, one treatment modality may be more suitable than the other for your personal needs. 


skinTIGHT is a tissue-tightening procedure that uses monopolar radiofrequency energy to deliver heat into the epidermal skin layers. It penetrates no further than 3mm deep into skin tissues. The hand-held device uses a bulk heating technique across larger areas to tighten sagging skin, smooth out wrinkles, and stimulate collagen and elastin production.

Not only does it provide visible skin-tightening benefits from immediate collagen contraction, it also provides anti-ageing benefits by triggering the skin’s wound-healing response and encouraging cell turnover. This gives the skin a firmer, plumper and more youthful-looking appearance, reducing fine lines, shrinking enlarged pores, and even improving skin conditions like acne.

Since it only reaches epidermal layers without penetrating the deep dermis, it’s a better choice for addressing volume loss and for concerns on more delicate areas, like drooping eyelids.

skinTIGHT can be used with any skin complexion and is ideal for facial rejuvenation, reshaping and resuscitating the facial musculature, raising the eyebrows and clearing the area around the eyes, and improving wrinkles and fine lines. It’s primarily used to treat skin laxity by facial tightening, and it’s best suited to clients with mild to moderate sagging of facial tissues, usually those in their early twenties.

For best results, you might need several sessions over the first few months and one session every few months for maintenance.

HIFU Skin Tightening

HIFU utilises high-intensity focused ultrasound energy that is delivered deep into the skin causing very precise thermal coagulation that reaches the SMAS layer (muscle). Delivering tiny deposits of focused ultrasound energy it precisely heats up a specific location in a short period of time.  

Your skin responds to this energy by stimulating its deep dermal tissue to produce new compact collagen fibres. This, in turn, leads to a gradual tightening and improvement of your skin elasticity and firmness. As the skin tightens, wrinkles and lines become less visible. The texture of the skin is improved as it becomes smooth, shiny and firm. This results in long-lasting firming, and tightening of the skin, after just one treatment. It helps reduce the double chin fat, prevent jowling, skin lifting and tightening, cheek lift, and improves skin quality and texture.

Initial tightening of the skin can be seen immediately after treatment, and it continues to improve gradually over time. This means that with just one treatment, the regenerative process is initiated, but its full results will unfold over the course

of 2-3 months; it’s scientifically proven to continue up to 6 months.

Main differences between skinTIGHT and HIFU

They use different technologies to heat up the deep skin tissues. HIFU delivers more precise and more intense fractional ultrasound energy that goes to the SMAS layer, while skinTIGHT is based on a bulk heating strategy.

HIFU goes much deeper into and beyond the dermis, being able to reach the SMAS layer (muscle). skinTIGHT, on the other hand, won’t go as deep as HIFU.

It focuses on epidermal layers and doesn’t go beyond the deep dermis. 

HIFU is generally performed less frequently (can be performed up to 3 times in 6 months), whereas skinTIGHT may require several sessions to get a similar result – and skinTIGHT can be undertaken more frequently. 

The exact frequency of either of those treatments will depend on your skin conditions, such as its current elasticity or your genetic heritage.

How to choose between HIFU and skinTIGHT 

As we age, our face starts to exhibit a mix of sagging, wrinkling and sinking. Although each person’s ageing style is unique and should always be addressed individually, the following guide explains how different treatments may be more suitable for different types of issues.



    HIFU is the best choice as it tightens the SMAS layer (muscle) of the skin which reverses the sagging appearance. HIFU assists in tightening loose skin around the jowls, improves the appearance of a double chin, or “lifting” the brows. The skin lifting and tightening effects will give the appearance of a slimmer face, sharp jawline and double chin reduction. It can also get rid of any excess fat and tissue in the lower face that’s worsening the sagging effect.

    Volume loss

      skinTIGHT being a less intensive method that doesn’t penetrate tissues as deep as HIFU, can be a better choice for addressing volume loss or treating delicate areas such as lower and upper eyelids. If you have no or limited skin laxity, but are losing facial volume, you may opt for skinTIGHT. It will tighten the skin but also create the effect of more volume, especially in the area around the mouth. skinTIGHT is also perfect for pre-event preparation as it gives an INSTANT boost and glow.

      Wrinkles and fine lines

        Both HIFU and skinTIGHT boost collagen production and accelerate skin tissue remodelling,  so they’re both effective in treating wrinkles and fine lines. The best method for treating the signs of skin degeneration will depend on the extent of your skin ageing and the area you want to treat. For this reason, any deep lines and wrinkles should be treated with HIFU due to its skin tightening properties, as skinTIGHT doesn’t target deep within the SMAS (muscle layer).

        After Your skinTIGHT Treatment

        Your skinTIGHT Specialist will book you in for a post-treatment assessment 4 weeks after your skinTIGHT treatment. 

        • No sunbathing, saunas, or hot baths
        • Drink 6-8 cups of water daily
        • Do not drink alcohol for 48 hours
        • Use only skinTIGHT Aftercare Skin Products as recommended
        • It's normal for the area to feel warm immediately after the procedure.
        • The treated area may be flushed, red and feel tingly
        • Do not wax the treated area for 3-5 days
        • Do not laser the treated area for 2 weeks
        • Do not exfoliate the skin for 2-3 days
        • Avoid hot baths, steam rooms and massages for 24 hrs after treatment
        • Avoid sun burn during the healing process of the skin for 2 weeks after treatment
        • Apply SPF 30 Daily