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Eliminate Cellulite with Europe's
Most Popular Body Shaping Treatment!

Direct from Italy, Vacuslim combines 5 effective procedures into one,
which gives immediately visible results.


Body Reshaping

Direct from Italy, Vacuslim combines 5 effective procedures into one, which gives immediately visible results! It is a safe, painless, and completely non-invasive treatment for reducing fat deposits and shaping the body.

You may know how difficult it is to reduce problem areas, such as belly fat, "love handles," deposits on the hands, and other places - but the Vacuslim method allows you to target precisely defined parts of the body. These fat deposits can be reduced with only a few treatments with Vacuslim. The first results are visible after just one treatment.

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Non-invasive treatment for lipo like results

How does Vacuslim Work?

The innovative professional treatment of Vacuslim is a synergy of the unique invention of the Vacuslim vacuum bag, which is made of special material and revolutionary active ingredients that are in all Vacuslim products.

The application of the product, and the creation of a vacuum environment after their application, helps the active components of the product to act on all 3 fat cell metabolism, which leads to:
- fat breakdown
- preventing the storage of fat cells
- slowing down the formation of new fat cells

At the same time, the active ingredients reduce cellulite and visible signs of "orange peel". In people who have the hardest and fibrous cellulite, after just a few treatments, it turns watery, soft, and breaks easily, resulting in a dramatic improvement in the appearance of the skin. Vacuslim treatment stimulates the lymphatic system as well as the natural process of detoxification and the release of excess accumulated fluid.

Vacuslim products do not contain parabens, mineral oils, or aggressive substances causing body heating. Vacuslim products have not been tested on animals.

Non-invasive body reshaping

Vacuslim Benefits

Vacuslim is a relaxing and painless vacuum treatment, with a pleasant sensation of dull-cold which increases thermogenesis and thus mild calorie consumption. The vacuum effect - enables deeper and even insertion of active ingredients to achieve fast and long-lasting results. Does not affect your daily activities (jogging, sunbathing, swimming).

Multiple consecutive series of treatments without side effects are possible until the desired result is achieved. Extended effect for up to 48 hours thanks to the unique vacuum environment with the help of the Vacuslim bag.

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Benefits of Vacuslim
• Immediately visible results after the very first treatment
• Visible reduction of cellulite
• Non-invasive body reshaping
• Skin tightening
• Soft and elastic satin-like skin with less visible stretch marks
• Loss in the circumference of 8 to 19 cm (collectively on average of the measured regions) after the first treatment

When can i start seeing results?
Post Treatment

You may notice the first results after the initial 30-minute treatment.

The first 3-4 treatments have a strong lymphatic drainage effect, eliminating excess fluid, resulting in a rapid loss of circumference. The active ingredients involved in breaking down fat deposits (lipolysis) act from the beginning but reach their maximum effect from the third or fourth treatment.

To achieve the best volume remodeling results, it is necessary to undergo a series of 6-12 treatments or until the desired result is achieved.

act on the 3 metabolisms of fat cells

How do I maintain the results obtained with Vacuslim?

To maintain the obtained result, it is necessary to continue with maintenance treatments, which can be done three to six times a month, depending on the metabolism speed and dietary habits, once the series is completed and the desired volume is achieved.

In addition, to maintain results from the beginning of the Vacuslim 48 method application, it is necessary to use Vacuslim care preparations at home. It is preferable to use them even after completing a series of treatments.

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What treatments can I combine with vacuslim?
- UltraLIPO
- skinTIGHT

Talk to our team of experts about the benefits of combing treatments for faster results!

completely non-invasive treatment?
Active Ingredients

• Symfit: Reduces the formation and multiplication of fat cells. Reduces and prevents the increase of fat cells (lipogenesis) Increases fat burning and body cleansing. Reduces the visible signs of cellulite.
• L-Carnitine: Reduces the formation and multiplication of fat cells. Reduces and prevents the increase of fat cells (lipogenesis) Increases fat burning and body cleansing. Reduces the visible signs of cellulite.
• Rutin Sulfates: Very useful to reduce cellulite and the feeling of heavy legs This biflavonoid improves peripheral circulation, allows the supply of nutrients to the tissues and removes harmful substances from the tissues.
• Caffeine: A powerful antioxidant that breaks down fat in the deeper layers of the skin while improving microcirculation.
• Thermolate: Intelligent heating accelerates circulation and causes a pleasant feeling of heat in the body. That hot feeling can last from 30 minutes to 2 hours.
• Horse Chestnut Extract: Relieves the Symptoms of Tired and Tense Legs, While Reducing Swelling in the Lower Limbs.
• Ivy Extract: Contains substances that effectively fight cellulite and reduce the orange peel appearance on the skin.
• Seaweed Extract: Intensely hydrates and refreshes the skin.
• Essential Oil Complex: Essential oils of lemon, cinnamon, orange and rosemary, and the creams contain a complex of essential oils of bergamot, mint and lavender.


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